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SKILL BOILER: Fully automatic pellet boiler

A fully automatic boiler that guarantees a significant production of domestic technical and sanitary water, while maintaining a small footprint and dimensions suitable for all spaces.

Patented self-cleaning brazier

Patented Power Slide self-cleaning brazier installed in all our Skill boilers

Ermetica 98 Cast Round

The details are what make the difference: the 98 Cast Round is completely hermetic and makes use of a coaxial system: two concentric tubes with an upper outlet placed inside each other, which allow air to enter and flue gases to exit at the same time.

Redonda Glass Idro thermostove

Perfect for adapting to any type of living environment. The magic glass door creates a real play of light and shadow when the stove is in action. Excellent for heating both the ambient air and the technical water for the radiators in your home.


The next generation of Pellet Stove