Who we are

The Group designs, engineers, manufactures, distributes and markets innovative systems for domestic eco-friendly energy generators, including thermal management of temperature.

AMG Spa offers a new way to achieve well-being in the home. A new method for ecological, economic, functional: a modern heating system, multi-energy eco-friendly

It is to configure a system composed of multiple generators fed to green energy for the management of environmental temperature that can work simultaneously or separately to act in the maximum economy where it is needed and when needed.
This way you get the maximum benefit with a significant reduction in energy consumption, and therefore with the greatest savings, and a consequent upgrading the energy efficiency of the building.

The AMG interacting in a modern heating system, multi-energy eco-friendly are:

  • stove, heater, fireplace inserts, pellet boilers and compact multi-fuel
  • single or articulated systems for air conditioning
  • PV system
  • the solar system

What we do

The Group has experience gained since 1981 in the area of responsibility and is acting as a market with more than 60 trademarks.

The Group operates worldwide through diversified distribution channels:

  • an extensive network of dealers
  • an extensive specialized distribution, retail distribution and GDS
  • a branched system of direct sales

The decision to establish itself in the market so different has been successful because the distribution policy was also custom made products on behalf of other companies who buy them and then sell them under their own brand. (OEM System). 
The product then, according to the target segment, is customized and then enriched with features that have a particular value for its clients or for the market in which they are distributed.

AMG Spa is continually striving to produce technology with low carbon content for the heating by biomass (pellets, wood etc.). 
All products are carbon dioxide emissions in mg / m3 of fine excellent and unmatched on the market. Often the values found by the certification body TÜV stood at a level well below the limit values of European standards.

Our factories are working with the most modern and original designs and the most original and revolutionary production techniques:

  • laser cutting combined with the cut in the strut, the sequential bending of metal components, robotic welding for the production of products by fire
  • real market innovations such as the air conditioner without outdoor unit, the Diva brand Artel air treatment.

The production consists of projects are always original and patented able to achieve the highest efficiency and performance of the market.

The result of this huge corporate effort is measured in the excellent results of the TÜV, the neutral body for the services of certification, inspection, testing and testing.
The technical data unmatched in the market the entire production is a clear evidence of what the group AMG Spa has worked and invested consistently in terms of economic resources and internal to their achievement.

AMG Spa head at their rooms calorimetry for about 6 months 24 hours 24 each air conditioner in order to test the results in terms of emissions and noise pollution. Although European standards do not define precisely the noise limits to be respected and recommend only the most eco-friendly refrigerant gas (the 410th) the group AMG Spa with its tried and tested method in time constantly refined production to overwhelm each test previous results in a symbolic battle for the general welfare.

Our brands

In order to provide the best product to its customers, the AMG Group is present on the market with a series of brands that offer solutions from home heating to air conditioning, from large-scale distribution to direct door-to-door sales, from domestic solutions to large industrial plants. .



History and tradition meet the modern style of the company. That's why Artel is, still today, the main pillar of the entire AMG group both in Italy and abroad.



Kalor is an established brand in the sale of products for home heating such as stoves, thermo-stoves and boilers powered by biomass (such as pellets and wood)



Tepor heating products are now available all over the world with their elegance and efficiency of use (which in some cases even exceeds 97%).



Foco lines are specifically designed to guarantee the best ratio between efficiency of use and adaptability to domestic design.



Adler designs, prototypes and produces low-carbon technology for biomass heating. Its product portfolio includes stoves, thermo-stoves and boilers.



Mitsui sells traditional air conditioning systems all over the world, ranging from domestic use to the most innovative lines without outdoor units (no-outdoor).



canadian stove




Il pellet è il punto di forza del brand Krone, specializzato proprio nella vendita al dettaglio e all'ingrosso di questo prodotto che rappresenta il presente (e il futuro) del riscaldamento

Our partners

The Group has acquired experience gained in the relevant sector since 1981 and is an actor in its market with more than 60 commercial brands.



Centrometal is the Croatian leader in the production of heating systems such as boilers fueled with bio-fuels (pellets, wood, wood chips), electric and diesel oil.



Since its creation, Supra continues its vocation; to bring wealth and warmth to the families of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Supra products are for every family and budget.



Solzaima's point of view has always been that of a pure, renewable and economic energy. For over 39 years it has been dedicated to the production of biomass fireplaces.


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