Steel hydro Double Door self-cleaning



MODEL 17 | 20 | 24 | 28 | 34

Up to 96 %

Steel hydro Double Door self-cleaning

MODEL: 17 | 20 | 24 | 28 | 34

The range of Steel Hydro steel combines extremely high efficiency up to 97.54% with an attractive design. With double door and “magic” glass, they adapt to any decor. All models, with the exception of 14, are equipe.

Vetro magic
Double door
Front ventilation
Cast iron brazier
Steel brazier Mod. 14
Mod. Self-cleaning with steel brazier


Self-cleaning brazier

The self-cleaning brazier always ensures a perfect cleaning of the latter, ensuring the primary and secondary air passage necessary for combustion. Both during ignition and during normal operation of the thermostove.
The mobile grate cleans the bottom of the brazier without turning off the stove, thus avoiding new ignitions. In this way the user must periodically clean the combustion chamber and it will not be necessary to manually clean the brazier before new ignitions, as happens with stoves with standard braziers.

  1. V-Power, patented flame-saving system
  2. Stainless steel brazier
  3. Mobile grate for automatic cleaning
  4. Gear motor


Display LCD
Remote control
Ceramic resistance
Front ventilation
Self-cleaning brazier
Anti-explosion device

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