Ermetica 98 Cast Round

MODEL 6 | 8 | 10C

Up to 97,9 %

Ermetica 98 Cast Round

MODEL: 6 | 8 | 10C

Practical and functional like the 98 Cast Iron, aesthetics and design like the 98 Redonda: the 98 Cast Round stove joins the Kalor hermetic family, which combines the efficiency of the cast iron with the modernity of the rounded shape. Innovative and unique of its kind, the 98 Cast Round is embellished by the coaxial system: two concentric tubes with an upper outlet, placed one inside the other, which simultaneously allow the combustion air intake and the smoke outlet. This allows the product to become more functional and aesthetically even more appealing.

Natural convection at power 1
Frontal ventilation
Upper Coaxial pipe
Cast iron brazier
Removable handle



Personal digital assistence
Mod. 10C – 1 duction
Mod. 10C – Motor for duction
Front ventilation
Ceramic resistance

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