Skill Boiler



25 PLUS | 35 PLUS kW

Up to 93,7 %

Skill Boiler

KW: 25 PLUS | 35 PLUS

The water range reaches the pinnacle of its development and research process with the new Skill Boiler. This is a new complete product that guarantees an important production of domestic technical and sanitary water, keeping a small dimensions suitable for all spaces. Self-cleaning of the brazier and tube bundle, double ash compactor, accumulation of 90 L of water and 100 kg pellet tank are just some of the pluses of this boiler. Anti-condensation valve supplied as standard and the connections inserted in the upper part, permit to Skill Boiler being complete and easy to install and use in all its domestic functions.


Self-cleaning brazier

The combustion residues are removed from the mobile grate, keeping the air passage to the burner free. Efficiency and performance are higher than standard burners.

  1. Stainless steel brazier
  2. High-efficiency ceramic glow plug
  3. Movable grate to allow automatic cleaning without interrupting the operation of the flame.

Ash compactor

1. The ashes produced by combustion and the residues removed by the automatic smoke cleaning system are conveyed to a double compartment case. The end user no longer has the task of periodically emptying the ash drawer, but only to check the case and empty it when completely full. The case is removable and easy to clean. Combined with the self-cleaning brazier system, the ash compactor makes the boiler autonomous and reduces significantly the cleaning operations.


Display LCD
Ceramic resistance
Self-cleaning brazier
Automatic smoke cleaning
Ash compactor
Anti-condensation valve
Explosion proof valve