Compact boilers + Ash compactor



MODEL 16 | 20 | 24 | 28 | 34

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Compact boilers + Ash compactor

MODEL: 16 | 20 | 24 | 28 | 34

The compact pellet boiler can be easily placed in a technical room or in a service space due to its small size. Just like traditional boilers, the display is simple and intuitive for all phases of automatic operation. It has programmable electronics that can also be set remotely for daily switching on and off. Designed to give maximum efficiency and autonomy has a pellet tank up to 130 L with 59 working hours.

Self-cleaning brazier

The self-cleaning brazier always ensures a perfect cleaning of the latter, ensuring the primary and secondary air passage necessary for combustion. Both during ignition and during normal operation of the thermostove.
The mobile grate cleans the bottom of the brazier without turning off the stove, thus avoiding new ignitions. In this way the user must periodically clean the combustion chamber and it will not be necessary to manually clean the brazier before new ignitions, as happens with stoves with standard braziers.

  1. V-Power, patented flame-saving system
  2. Stainless steel brazier
  3. Mobile grate for automatic cleaning
  4. Gear motor

Ash compactor

The compactor consists of an auger for ash removal and a case for ash collection. The enormous advantage of the case is that the end user no longer has the task of periodically emptying the ash drawer, but only of checking the case and emptying it when it is completely full; the wheels facilitate the movement operation. Combined with the self-cleaning brazier system, the case makes the boiler autonomous and considerably reduces the cleaning operations to be carried out by the user.

  1. Self-cleaning brazier
  2. Ash drawer
  3. Lid for inspection and cleaning, sealed
  4. Auger for ash removal
  5. Wheels for easy transport


Pneumatic pellet system

Automatic pneumatic system of pellet feed, pipe (standard 20m) and external remotable hopper with a capacity of 1800 liters (1130 kg) of fuel. 3 different external tanks of 450 Kg / 790 Kg / 1.130 Kg for all models of compact boilers.


Display LCD
Ceramic resistance
Modulating pump
Self-cleaning brazier
Anti-explosion device
Ash compactor

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